Adding Z-Wave Devices to your Controller & InControl

Before you can use a z-wave device from within InControl, you need to add it to your z-wave network. You typically do this using your master controller. For the sake of this article, we'll assume you are using the Aeon Labs ZStick Series 2, though a similar process would work for other master controllers. See your master controller instruction manual for further details.

  1. Inside InControl, click the Online/Offline button and wait for the 'spinner' to stop and for InControl to report being Offline.
  2. Remove your zstick from the computer.
  3. Take your zstick to the device to be included into your network
  4. Even though the device isn't part of your network, you should you should exclude the device first as this will assure you that it's reset back to factor default settings. This step isn't always necessary but it doesn't hurt to take it. If you skip it and can't get the following steps to work, start over and include this one. 
    1. Push and hold the button on your zstick to enter "exclude mode" (light will blink quickly)
    2. Activate the device you wish to exclude (see manual for exact instructions)
    3. Zstick light will flash a number of times then return to quick blinking mode
  5. Tap the button once on your zstick to return to normal. Then tap again to enter "Include" mode - light will blink slowly.
  6. Activate the device you wish to include (see manual for exact instructions). Zstick light will change blink pattern then return to a slow blink after include has been completed.
  7. Return to your InControl PC and reinsert the USB stick. Click the Offline button and wait for InControl to return to online mode
  8. After 30 seconds your device will show up inside InControl.
  9. NOTE: Some devices will be detected incorrectly as a DimmerSwitch. You can change this by hovering your mouse over the "DimmerSwitch" text where you'll be given the option to change the type.
The above works only for devices that are do not use the security protocol. If you need to add a lock use the Lock Setup guide.