Device Mirroring

Mirroring a device is the process by which a device can be setup to mirror it's state to other devices.  Any device which is setup as a mirror will reflect power and level changes to all mirrored devices.


  1. If you were to setup a dimmer switch to mirror to a Sonos Zone Player, the dimmer's ramp or level events would be reflected to the zone player's volume control. 
  2. If a light switch is setup to mirror another light switch, then the two lights would always reflect each others state.

There are two types of mirrors. One-way and two-way.

One-Way Mirror

A one-way mirror is where the main device sends all level/power state changes to all mirrored devices, but not the other way around.  To setup a one-way mirror:

  1. Choose the device that should reflect changes to other devices
  2. Click on the "Device Mirrors" button and choose one or more devices which should reflect any changes made by the main device.  
The devices chosen in step #2 will reflect changes made by the main device.  Turning on the main device would also turn on the mirror devices. In the same fashion, setting the level of the main device would also set the level of all mirrored devices.  However, the reverse is not true.  If you would like changes to be reflected both ways, setup a Two-Way mirror.

Two-Way Mirror

A two-way mirror works the same as a one-way mirror with the exception that changes to the any device are reflected to the other end of the mirror and vice-versa.

To setup a two-way mirror, simply follow the steps of the one-way mirror above, but repeat them on the reflected devices such that the reflected device mirrors back to the main device.