InControl Help

Support & Help

Our help section is a work in progress, so check back often for changes. You can also watch our YouTube channel for video updates on InControl features.

If you need help with InControl, support is available via these methods:

InControl Documentation

  1. Mobile Device Help (version 3.0)
  2. Controller Setup
    1. Z-Wave Setup
      1. Adding Devices to your z-wave network
    2. Clipsal Setup
    3. Sonos Setup
  3. InControl Feature Help
    1. Renaming Devices
    2. Device Associations
    3. Device Mirroring
    4. Scene Schedules: See Scene Triggers and Conditions
    5. Advanced Rules
    6. Scene Triggers & Conditions
  4. Device Setup
    1. Lock Setup
    2. Receiving reports and extra data from your sensor devices 
  5. Advanced Setup
    1. Activate a scene remotely from a command-line
    2. Email Setup Example