InControl Version 3 (Mobile Devices)

This page describes the functionality of the Version 3 mobile app for InControl Home Automation.

Currently, only Android has version 3 available as a beta. To get the app, you need to join the G+ Community and opt into the beta. Once you've joined, wait about 2 hours for the App store to provide you the download for our Free Play Store version of InControl.

This version of InControl Mobile requires at least version 3.20 of InControl Server

Direct Connect

Direct connect will connect directly to your InControl server using port 8711 (default). You'll need to forward this port through your router and make sure that your personal firewall allows access. Note that using direct connect requires advanced setup. If you are not comfortable forwarding ports in your router then you should consider using the Cloud Connection instead. 

Setup Steps:

  1. Open port 8711 in your Windows firewall on your InControl computer.
  2. Configure your router to forward traffic from port 8711 to your InControl computer. For best results, setup a static IP address on your InControl computer. 
  3. Find out your external IP address by visiting
  4. Enter your external IP address in the settings menu inside your InControl mobile app. Specify to "Use direct connect."
If you have setup everything correctly, you should now be able to view and interact with your devices.
NOTE: Some older routers aren't able to handle the routing of traffic from inside your network to your external IP address. If this is the case for your router, then using your External IP (from step #4) will not work while you are connected to your wi-fi network. 

Cloud Connect

Cloud connect enables you to easily setup your system to control your devices without the need to open ports or do any type of port forwarding through your router. 

Setup steps:

  1. Create a cloud account by visiting the tools/Cloud registration menu inside your InControl server. 
  2. Inside your InControl mobile app, enter your cloud user/password. 
You should now have the ability to control your devices.

App Functionality & Tips

This section will describe the basic functionality of the application.


Home Screen


The home screen provides the user with short-cuts to commonly used functions. Short cuts can be the following:

  1. List of devices, by type (Lights, Sensors, Cameras, Locks, Thermostats, Outlets)
  2. All devices that are powered on (with a level > 0)
  3. Energy Use (display only, no shortcut)
  4. Scene Control (tapping sends a scene activation to the server)
  5. Device Control (displays current state, tapping opens up a dialog for controlling that device)
Functionality of home screen
  1. User should be able to change the short cut for each box on the home screen by performing a tap & hold on the desired short cut
  2. Home screen should be scrollable


Navigation is accessed by tapping and holding the light bulb icon. A pre-defined list of options will appear. User drags finger to an option and releases to activate it. Options include (from left to right):

  • Sensor List
  • Thermostat List
  • Lights list (Standard switch + dimmers)
  • Camera List
  • Outlet Llst
  • Lock list

Device List

The device list will be accessed from clicking a short-cut on the home screen or from clicking the light icon in the middle and choosing a list of devices. All device lists (sensors, lights, locks, cameras, outlets, thermostats, etc) will should use the same code logic and simply filter the list based on the type of device to be displayed.

Functionality of devices in list:

  1. For dimmers, swipe a table row left or right to dim a light down or up.
  2. Tap the Status Circle to toggle a device on or off. Status circle fills in completely when a device is > 100 or only partially if the device level is less than 100. Circle is dark if light is off.
  3. Tap table row to view details of the device and perform further interactions. See Device Details Screens.

Device Details Screen

Thermostat details.

Switch details. Switch can be turned on/off. A timer can be set to turn the device on/off after X minutes.

Dimmer details.