Receiving reports from battery powered devices

Battery powered devices and devices that report additional information such as temperature, power usage, etc., generally need a little extra setup to get them to function properly. These devices include, but are not limited to, the following: Door & Window Sensors, 4-in-1 motion sensors, energy monitors, and thermostats. In short: Anything that needs to report information back to InControl needs to perform this to function properly.

For most devices, there is a general on/off state that InControl is able to track by default, but when there is extra data to collect, it requires some extra steps to make function. These steps include associating the device with the controller (USB Stick) that InControl uses and may require changing custom parameters.

It's suggested you always use the Beta Z-Wave controller when working with these devices. To set it up, visit your Tools/Options menu.

The first step is to associate your device with your USB stick. Following the instructions on the Associations page to accomplish this.

In addition to associations, you may need to adjust parameters for your device to get it to report the information back to you that you are interested in receiving. There's a nice database of parameters for most z-wave devices that you can refer to as a reference. To setup parameters, choose your device in InControl, type in the parameter number, wake it up (if battery powered), then click the load button. Set the value you wish to change the parameter to, wake the device up (if battery powered) and click the save button. If your device is well-known to InControl (if we've programmed it to be auto configurable), you can usually just use auto-configuration to set your device up. Simply select your device then right click it and choose the auto-configure menu. 

If all goes well you should start to see reports and extra info showing up from your device within a few minutes -- this time varies by device and is usually only sent once an internal timer on the device is reached. This timer can also be configured with a parameter, so be sure to check the device database mentioned above.