Rule Setup

Rules allow for the creation of triggers that will perform certain actions when conditions are met. For example, if a light remains active for more than 10 minutes you can automatically dim it or turn if off.

There are various conditions that can be watched for when setting up a rule. 

  1. Date/Time:  Setup a light or a scene to activate at a given date and time. These types of rules can also be setup to repeat minutely, hourly, daily, monthly, etc. Examples:
    1. Send a text when the garage door is left open past 9 PM 
    2. Progressively turn lights on as a wake function in the morning
    3. Program a thermostat to turn to pre-determined temp settings during each weekday
  2. Sunrise/Sunset:   Setup your devices to activate or deactivate at sunrise and sunset. Examples:
    1. Turn on porch lights at sunset and off again at sunrise
    2. Turn on the pet's heat lamp at sunset
  3. Change of a device's state:  When a device changes state, the system can be programmed to perform a task.  For example:
    1. Activate a scene when a light is turned off
    2. Send a text message anytime the medicine cabinet door sensor is triggered
    3. Turn on lights and play music when the motion sensor is activated
  4. Random:  Randomly turn on and off lights. Example:
    1. Give your house a 'lived-in' look while on vacation