Sonos & InControl

Controlling Sonos from InControl


Sonos uses Universal Plug 'N Play (UPnP), so setup should happen automatically. When InControl detects Sonos devices, they'll automatically be added to the list of controllable devices.  No additional setup is required to control Sonos devices.

From the main device list in InControl, Sonos zone players can be powered on and have volume adjusted. Depending on the media, next/prev buttons can also be used to advance and rewind music tracks. 

Audio Playback & Scene Setup

When a Sonos device is added to a scene, InControl will capture and remember the currently playing audio.  This same audio stream will be started when the scene is activated. 

To change the audio playback feature of the scene, you will need to start playing that audio stream on your Sonos device then click the Capture Current Playlist button. Note: It can take up to a minute before InControl recognizes the current audio stream.